“Welcome to Our Website”

How exciting it is to see our website redeveloped and launched! While it is still a work in progress, it is so gratifying to reappear in digital space.

A website is about communication – it attempts to give a taste, a snapshot, a view of a community, in this case, the community of Kamloops Free Methodist, a congregation in this city for nearly 90 years.

90 years. What does that convey? Old, outdated, entrenched . . . or, established, persevering, and rooted. We think the latter. We have been here a long time, trying with love to show people God’s love, God’s freedom, and God’s way.

Communication is challenging – it begins with something to say, a message to communicate but isn’t complete until the message has been received and understood. Jesus is the word of God (John 1:1), God’s ultimate communication, and he came in person to deliver and to be the message of God’s love. All messages can be misunderstood but in-person communication is the most powerful medium, the one that Jesus used. We hope that meeting us online through this website will encourage some people to come down to Windbreak Street and meet us in person, or maybe we w