Our History

The Kamloops Free Methodist Church has been around a long time! Established in the downtown of Kamloops in 1934, the first church building was at 629 Battle St and is still there! The church grew and in 1971 built on our present location in Brocklehurst. For 50 years at this location, we have sought to share the love of God with people. For decades, this church had innovative and strong ministries to children, youth and families. It’s in our DNA! At present, years later, many things have changed, but we still try to support children and families, seniors and anyone who comes within our reach. We have created a partnership with Young Life, and with their support, try to love and encourage students at Brock Middle School next door.

We are a Free Methodist church. What’s a Free Methodist, you ask? To make a long story short, Methodism as a movement began in the 18th century in England with John Wesley, who preached to factory workers and miners and in the streets during the Evangelical Revival. The people who responded to Wesley’s message were gathered into groups (classes, bands) that met weekly for mutual encouragement, prayer and discipleship. This was the “method” of Methodism. The early Methodists cared about the poor and were involved in many works of mercy, including schools and health care, the abolition of slavery and the reform of child labour laws. Methodist grew dramatically in England and also in America.

In the 19th century in the US, Methodist had become so successful that it needed reforming. In 1860, a group of dissenting methodists left the main body to become the Free Methodist Church, advocating a number of “frees” such as:

  • they opposed slavery and wanted freedom for all
  • they wanted the poor to be free to come to church and so advocated free seats for everyone (rented pews were a thing)
  • they renewed Wesley’s teaching that Christian could be free from the domination of sin
  • they wanted freedom of the Spirit in worship

The Free Methodists also supported and involved women in leadership

For more on this, check out The Free Methodist Church in Canada’s website: https://www.fmcic.ca/