Q & A’s for First Time Visitors

Got questions? You might find the answer here

What should I wear?!
While some folks like to dress up, others are more comfortable in a T-shirt and jeans. We welcome you as you are.

Is there parking?
Yes! There is parking right in front of the church, and a lot just behind the church. We have use of Brocklehurst Middle School’s parking lot as well on Sunday.

Where is the church building located?
975 Windbreak St., right next door to Brocklehurst Middle School

How do I get there by bus?
The buses that come into Brocklehurst are the 1 Tranquille or 2 Parkcrest. There is an interchange on the North Shore or downtown on Landsdowne if you need to change buses. You can check the Transit schedule here

Can I bring my friend/partner/child? Who can come with me?
Yes! Anyone can come and everyone is welcome! Children may wish to join in with our children’s program about half way through the service (hyperlink to How We Welcome Children).

Why is music important in church?
Music and singing has long been an important part of how people connect to God. We sing a number of worship songs on Sunday mornings. These songs invite us and help us to open our hearts to God and remind us of God’s love and truth. Many find the music the most meaningful part of worship. During these songs, we usually stand, but some sit and people should do what is most comfortable for them.

Why is there a collection of money and who is it for?
The collection of offerings is an act of worship in which recognize that all we are and have belongs to
God. Those who wish give an offering to God. The collection supports the work of the church. Everything that the church does is supported through donations of members and attenders. BUT, no one should feel obligated to give. In fact, we don’t want newcomers to give until they feel like this is their church.